Is it really possible to generate an passive income buy investing in properties?

Before you decide to invest in a buy to let property talk to one of our financial advisors. We have experience in Buy to Let mortgages and we can help you avoid common mistakes.

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Buy to let
Buy to let  mortgage is a product designed for people who want to buy a property for rental purposes.

These products are very similar to standard mortgage loans, with the difference that the bank is more concern about the rent value and not as much our personal income. The rent should usually cover between 125% and 145% of you mortgage payment at the provided interest rate which is likely to be higher than your product rate.

Despite the fact that the But to let loan is a self-financing investment, people buying a property may be asked to confirm current earnings.

The minimum income requirements could be put in place by the lender to make sure that in the event of rental void, a landlord can still afford to maintain the mortgage payment.  There are lenders that do not have such requirements.

*Not all Buy to Let Mortgages are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority