Łukasz Cichowski

Financial Advisor
07446 250 115

Lukasz arrived to UK from Poland in 2006. He is very approachable individual who is keen to meet new people and to learn new skills. He graduated from a well-recognized University in Poland where he obtained the Master of Arts title in Administration. Before joining Step by Step Financial Solutions he used to manage a various types of companies in Southampton area.

Being bored on his daily routines at work in 2016 he decided to start a completely new career where he would be able to fully utilize his potential. Today he is CeMap qualified Financial Adviser who is based in our Southampton office. Lukasz is fluent in Polish and English and can discuss Your mortgage needs in either language.

Outside the work he has a wonderful wife and two cats. He is active person and looks after himself quite strictly. In a free time he reads autobiographies and he is a sophisticated cinema lover.